Guitars & Gear Live Rebroadcast - Segment Breakdown with Timeline Hotlinks

Guitars & Gear LIVE: Segment 1 featured gear - select image for product page

  • American Deluxe Strat Plus with personality cards
  • OD-1X
  • DS-1X
  • Hummingbird Quilt
  • Apollo Twin
  • S2 Singlecut
  • Deluxe Wood Case for Dreadnought -GW-JM DREAD
  • Slammi

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Your Hosts:

Mitch Gallagher - Sweetwater Editorial Director and author of Guitar Tone: Pursuing the Ultimate Guitar Sound
Jon Levy - Publisher of The Premier Guitar Media Network 
Doug Doppler - Guitar Hero session player, Favored Nations recording artist, and CCO of GearTunes

YouTube Timeline Links for Demos + Discussion:

Gear in Segment 1
Fender - American Deluxe Strat Plus with Personality Cards
BOSS - DS-1X Distortion and BOSS - OD-1X Overdrive
Gibson Acoustic - Hummingbird Quilt Acoustic
Universal Audio - Apollo Twin Audio Interface with UAD Processing
PRS - S2 Singlecut Guitar
Gator Cases - Journeyman Series Case and Gig Bag
Electro-Harmonix - Next Step Slammi Polyphonic Pitch Shifter Pedal

Gear in Segment 2
BOSS - ME-80 Multi Effects
Electro-Harmonix - Soul Food Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive
TC-Helicon - VoiceLive 3
Line 6 - AMPLIFi 150-Watt Full Range Stereo Combo
Orange - OB-1K Bass Head
Taylor - 814CE Acoustic
Visual Sound - V3 H20 Chorus & Echo
Music Man - John Petrucci Majesty Guitar

Gear in Segment 3
Toontrack - EZmix 2 Metal Bundle
PRS - Archon 100-Watt Tube Head
MXR - Uni-Vibe Phase/Chorus
Cordoba - C10 Crossover Nylon String Acoustic
Pro Co - Fat Rat Distortion
Gibson Acoustic - J-29 Acoustic
Two Notes - Torpedo Reload
Fishman - Fluence Electric Guitar Pickups

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