Eventide H9 GearLaunch Video #1

In this first of two GearLaunch videos we're doing for the Eventide H9 we talk about the key things you'll want to know as well as demo it using a ton of killer gear. For more information please visit the Eventide H9 page - Cheers ~ Doug:)

The Peterson StroboPlus HD

The release of the StroboPlus HD marks the third generation of Peterson tuners that I have come to depend on to keep me in tune and get the various gutiars I demo properly intonated. I leave my StroboPlusHD connected to a USB port on my iMac so it is ALWAYS on. The built-in mic is simply amazing and spares from having to run another cable inline for the tuner when I'm in the studio. This tuner is a total joy to work with and has become an invaluable part of my recording process. For more information about this tuner including locating authorized dealers, please visit the Peterson StroboPlus HD page  - Cheers ~ Doug;)

Line 6 JTV89F and POD HD500X

We had a ton of fun shooting this one and were super impressed with the tones we got. The next HD500X Edit software works just like HD500 Edit, and the Workbench HD app is equally cool. For more information about each of these pieces of gear, please visit their respective pages: JTV89F and POD HD500X where you can downloand the HD500X presets used in the video for free - Cheers ~ Doug:)

Shin's Music Dumbloid Standard and Special Pedals

I am always excited to get a chance to play anything having to do with a Dumble. The Shin's Music Dumbloid pedals are new to the United States and came to GearTunes courtesy of Phil at The Gear Concierge. As noted in the video, these pedals do a great job of articulating the nuances between different instruments. And perhaps more importantly, they were one heck of a lot of fun to play. Check out the Shin's Music Page for more info on both pedals including authorized dealers: - Cheers ~ Doug