For guitarists who want pro Mustang performance at their feet, the Mustang Floor multi-effects unit has it all. A sleekly versatile floor unit, Mustang Floor delivers the ultimate in stage-worthy Mustang amp modeling, presets, effects, digital connectivity and more—all easy to use right out of the box.

Basically a Mustang amp without the power amp and speaker, Mustang Floor isn’t just a great guitar amp multi-effects unit. It’s also a modeling preamp for running directly to a PA system or to a power amp and speakers, a practice system with stereo headphone output and auxiliary input ideal for playing along with media players, and a fantastic tone machine for direct-to-digital USB recording.



- Nine footswitches and aluminum control pedal
- 12 amp models, 37 effects, and 100 onbaord presets
- “Individual stompbox” mode (bypasses amp models)
- Dual XLR and dual 1/4” line outputs with level controls
- Chromatic tuner
- Fender® FUSE™ software (included as free download) for editing, preset storage, patch swapping and free artist content



In addition to their fantastic uncolored sound, many Fender amps come equipped with onboard effects that convey a versatile wealth of tonal coloring, atmospherics and textures. Includes reverb, delay, chorus, tremolo and much more.



This amplifier features digital amplifier modeling encompassing a variety of amp types old and new, U.S. and U.K., and more. From classic Fender amp sounds to modern designs voiced for specific styles (i.e., metal), it’s just like having several amps in one.



Mustang features easy USB connectivity for high-quality, low-latency audio output and to interface with the free Fender FUSE™ application, which lets you deeply edit, store and share your sounds.


CONTROLS: Nine Foot Switches, Preset Access Knob, Amp Button, Stomp Button, Mod Button, Delay Button, Reverb Button, Utility Button, Save Button, Exit Button
INPUTS: One - 1/4"
EFFECTS: 12 Amp Models, 37 Effects, 100 On-board Factory and User Presets
EFFECTS LOOP: 1/4” - (One Input/One Output)
LINE OUT: Four - (Two 1/4" and Two XLR)







Starting with the Ultimate Speaker Demo, an ever-increasing number of the GearTunes audio  clips are being tracked using the Radial JCR Reamp. The Reamp was invented by my good friend and colleague John Cuniberti who engineered/co-produced many of Joe Satriani's most infamous recordings.

For GearTunes, reamping allows me to record a track where the guitar "hears" the amp in the room, but initially only the guitar or guitar and effects signal is recorded. This allows me to spend additional time perfecting amp tones and mic placement once I have the performance I'm looking for. One of the byproducts of this process is the creation of GearTunes DI Clips which enable you to play select guitars and effects through your amp by using your mobile device or computer as a reamp device.

For GearTunes DI Clips - and Gear Tune DI Clips ONLY (always found under the DI clips tab for gear that has one), you can play our guitar and effects through your amp. Simply use an unbalanced cable that terminates with an 1/8th inch jack on one end and a 1/4 inch jack on the other. Connect the 1/8th jack to the output of your mobile device or computer and the 1/4 inch jack into the front of your amp. Start off with your amp volume at zero and your mobile device (or computer) volume all the way up to ensure you hit the front end of the amp with enough signal, and then gradually increase the volume of the clean channel on your amp until you reach a level that is not capable of causing damage to your ears or equipment. GearTunes accepts no liability for the use, abuse or misuse of these clips, and playing them into your amp is done exclusively at your own risk.

I am tremendously excited about being able to share GearTunes DI Clips with you as you journey on your quest to find right gear for the music you play! Cheers ~ Doug:)

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