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Zakk Wylde BFG Les Paul — $ = Market Price (out of production)

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A quick listen to any of Zakk Wylde’s seminal playing, from Ozzy Osbourne’s “No More Tears” to Black Label Society’s “Bleed For Me”, tells you instantly that this guitarist goes at it rough and ready, and takes no prisoners. The Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG embodies the mammoth tone and over-the-top rock attitude of its name sake, and offers all the equipment necessary to undertake your own scorched-earth attack on your local music scene: from its rough-hewn bookmatched maple top, to its rounded ’50s-spec neck with ebony fingerboard, to its sizzling EMG 81 and 85 humbucking pickups — all approved by the Wylde man himself — the Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG is primed to deliver the message, in a big way. And with two Zakk-certified looks to choose from, a bullseye graphic or buzzsaw graphic over a satin-natural nitro finish, there will be no mistaking that you have come for business.

Each Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG is crafted from a two-piece, bookmatched maple top attached with ultra-strong Franklin Titebond 50 glue to a chambered mahogany body. This wood combination, one of the most legendary pairs in the history of the solid and semi-solid electric guitar, yields a “best of both worlds” tonal splendor, while also producing a stunning look.

The rough-and-ready style of the Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG is emphasized by the rough-hewn and minimally finished top of the guitar, the maple of which still bears the hash marks from the carving process, and the top is left unbound to further enhance its no-nonsense esthetics. The chambered back serves to minimize weight, while also adding tonal nuances to the guitar’s overall sound.

Average Weight
The average weight of a Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG body is 5.15 lbs, which is about normal for a Gibson guitar.

Tonal Characteristics
The Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG body woods present a combination of good clarity, definition and treble bite from the maple, and excellent depth and richness from the mahogany, elements found in the classic Les Paul Standard tone. The chambering adds a further dimension, increasing the complexity of this guitar’s tone, while also increasing its acoustic volume and sustain. The Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG nitrocellulose finish has also been kept ultra-thin to avoid choking the guitar’s natural resonance, resulting in a lively, ringing electric tone.

The Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG is finished in a thin satin natural, with either black Buzzsaw or Bullseye graphics.
  Surface Texture
The satin finish with 30-sheen lacquer gives the Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG a look that is clean and professional, but less glossy and polished than many traditional guitars, with a slightly “pre-aged” appearance, and a smooth matt-finish feel.
The Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG is hand-finished in nitrocellulose in a process that is carefully monitored to ensure minimum build-up, in an effort to produce a final finish that breathes with the guitar and enhances natural resonance. Unlike many other manufacturers, who settle for a polyurethane finish, Gibson opts for a nitrocellulose finish that will encourage the natural vibration of the instrument for a purer tone. In addition, a nitro finish is very porous and actually gets thinner over time. That way your guitar’s wood can age beautifully and naturally.

The neck of the Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG is constructed from three solid pieces of Grade A maple, and glued to the body at a 5-degree angle (pitch). In addition to being a strong, reliable wood species for neck construction — and a traditional favorite among many guitar makers — maple’s tight, even grain and low porosity means it can be finished with minimum coats of nitro, for a comfortable, “played-in” feel that is fast and smooth.

Truss Rod
Gibson’s traditional truss rod, found in most all of our guitars, is highly responsive to the individual adjustments you’ll want to make to personalize and optimize string action and sustain.


The Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG is fitted with Gibson’s more traditional ’50s neck profile, which is a round, meaty profile that emulates the neck shapes of the iconic 1958 and 1959 Les Paul Standards.
Joint Angle
5.0° (+/- 15 seconds)

Headstock Angle
The Zakk Wylde Les Paul BFG headstock is carefully angled at a tried-and-true 17 degrees, which increases pressure on the strings and helps them stay in the nut slots. An increase in string pressure also means there is no loss of string vibration between the nut and the tuners, which equals better sustain.

The Gibson logo — one of the most globally recognized logos of all time — is silkscreened in gold on the headstock face.
Tonal Characteristics
The angled, classical-style peg head and maple neck work together to provide exceptional tonal depth and resonance from the neck, with a snappy attack and outstanding articulation from the maple.
Average Weight
The average weight of the neck is .95 lbs.

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