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3018 ProMag Grand Gold Humbucker Pickup — $149.95 Street: $54.99

Signal Chain

  • Ibanez 698MS
  • Dean Markley Helix HD 80/20, Medium 13-56 (8 pack)
  • Dean Markley 3018 ProMag Grand Gold Humbucker Pickup
  • Dean Markley Refill Bag of 72 Medium White Pearl Picks
  • Millennia Music & Media Systems HV-37
  • Avid Digi 003
  • Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Quad Core

The new ProMag Gold™ is one sweet pickup! A patented Zero-Hum humbucking coil and special magnet structure—all that teamed up with Dean’s “Hot B-Fix,” the award winning double-shielded, super low-noise cable make the ProMag Gold a must play pickup.

This super low capacitance cable is terminated with a beautiful Solderless 24 Ct. Gold Plated jack that makes the ProMag Gold™ humbucking pickup one of, if not the, finest of magnetic acoustic pickups in our known Universe. (And we’ve sent scouts out checking it all out!)

Plug in a ProMag Gold™ and watch out! You’re going to hear what pickups are all about!

The Experience

I’ve always had a thing for older guitars. The first guitar I ever bought was 16 years old, and the main reason I bought it was because we were of the same vintage—it was made the same year I was born. There’s something about an old guitar that just appeals to me. Maybe it’s the character. Maybe it’s the broken-in feel and sound. And maybe it’s just easy to imagine all the places it’s gone and all the stories it’s told.

But when I bought that first flat-top, I didn’t think about its potential historic value, or what a collector might pay for it down the road. I just thought it was cool having a guitar as old as me. I didn’t realize all that other stuff until I asked Sam, the local luthier, to install a pickup.

“How much do you want for it?” he asked, sighting down the neck of the guitar.

“Excuse me?”

“How much do you want for the guitar? I’d rather buy it than install the pickup you want. A guitar like this shouldn’t be modified. So, how much?”

“It’s not for sale.” I was a little confused. “So you won’t install the pickup?”

“Nope. I’ve got a reputation to keep, you know. If people found out that I was the one responsible for altering that guitar, I’d be ruined.”

“But I need to amplify it so I can perform,” I pleaded.

“Well, then.” Sam looked down his nose at me, as if I should have known the answer all along. “You need a Pro-Mag, so you can use a pickup without any modifications. You’ll sound great, and trust me—one day you’ll thank me for not working on that guitar.”

Years later, that old flat-top is worth a small fortune. But it’s still not for sale.

Thanks, Sam.

Dean Markley Pro-Mag pickups… worth their weight in gold. (At least they sound that way.)

Starting with the Ultimate Speaker Demo, an ever-increasing number of the GearTunes audio  clips are being tracked using the Radial JCR Reamp. The Reamp was invented by my good friend and colleague John Cuniberti who engineered/co-produced many of Joe Satriani's most infamous recordings.

For GearTunes, reamping allows me to record a track where the guitar "hears" the amp in the room, but initially only the guitar or guitar and effects signal is recorded. This allows me to spend additional time perfecting amp tones and mic placement once I have the performance I'm looking for. One of the byproducts of this process is the creation of GearTunes DI Clips which enable you to play select guitars and effects through your amp by using your mobile device or computer as a reamp device.

For GearTunes DI Clips - and Gear Tune DI Clips ONLY (always found under the DI clips tab for gear that has one), you can play our guitar and effects through your amp. Simply use an unbalanced cable that terminates with an 1/8th inch jack on one end and a 1/4 inch jack on the other. Connect the 1/8th jack to the output of your mobile device or computer and the 1/4 inch jack into the front of your amp. Start off with your amp volume at zero and your mobile device (or computer) volume all the way up to ensure you hit the front end of the amp with enough signal, and then gradually increase the volume of the clean channel on your amp until you reach a level that is not capable of causing damage to your ears or equipment. GearTunes accepts no liability for the use, abuse or misuse of these clips, and playing them into your amp is done exclusively at your own risk.

I am tremendously excited about being able to share GearTunes DI Clips with you as you journey on your quest to find right gear for the music you play! Cheers ~ Doug:)

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